About Us

Sandalstone Group, LLC was founded in 2003 by its Managing Member Biren Talati.  The Company has met every investor expectation (debt and equity) through the past 10 years - it has posted a profit on every transaction.  The Company has transacted 35 properties during that time and presently controls 18 rental properties.  

Mr. Talati holds a BA in Economics and History from Yale University and a MBA from Dartmouth University.  He is a Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Licensed Agent in Nevada.

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A Brief History of Sandalstone Group, LLC.

Fix and Flip:  2003 - 2004

Sandalstone began by buying single family homes in West Oakland, California following a fix and flip strategy.  The Company successfully renovated the properties realizing a profit on each one.  The experience provided Mr. Talati with an in-depth education on building code, interior design and the importance of doing things on-time and on-budget.  He also developed a relationship with his future wife, an interior designer during this time period.  

Land Development:  2005 - 2006

The Company then purchased raw land through two entities Henry 2 Developers, LLC and Henry V Developers, LLC.  The Company also purchased a nearby house.  By successfully petitioning the City of Oakland the Company was able to increase the density of the properities from 5 units to a total of 14.  Mr. Talati developed a keen awareness of the importance of local politics and community relations as he presented at public meetings and met privately with Senior local officials to gain acceptance of his plan.  Henry II Developers LLC achieved an annualized return of 77% during a year and a half of the project life.  Henry V Developers, LLC achieved a 21% annualized return in its two years of project life.  

Historical Restoration:  2007 - 2008

In 2006, the Company saw a slowdown and sold all its newly entitled properties, complete with building plans and permits for a substantial gain.  Separately, the Company finished a Historical Restoration, which is currently a Mills Act Recipient and City of Oakland Landmark property, and rented out the 4 newly converted townhomes as the market for townhomes had dried up.  It was an education in building from the ground up.  

Buy and Hold:  2008 to Present

Starting in 2008 the Company realized that the rental market provided an attractive return especially when assets could be purchased at distressed prices.  The Company added rental properties for its own portfolio.  The Company at the request of its investors created Clarameda Fund, LLC.  Clarameda Fund focused on the Oakland market until recently expanding to other hard hit areas - including Las Vegas where it is currently expanding.    

Value Add:  Hybrid Strategy

Transitioning to this part of the cycle currently...