Investment Opportunities

The Company offers several attractive return/risk opportunities with investments in real estate as its underlying asset base.  

There are currently two investment opportunities:

1)  Notes.  This investment offers investors a 3.25% annualized return paid monthly with no liquidity constraint - that is - you can ask for your money back at any time.  The Principal is back stopped by open lines of credity and Interest is Covered at 8X through the companies cash flow.  This investment is ideal for investors who have excess cash sitting in Money Market/Checking funds. 

2)) Hybrid Value Add Opportunities.  


We are looking for acquisitions where we can do significant value added work - for example through changing zoning - ie. multi-plex to single family condo in the Bay Area and the design and construction around that.  The deal will be structured so that investors will get a partial/significant return of capital through a partial sale of the newly created assets in the short to medium term while holding on to part of the deal for long term tax advantaged gains.  This strategy reflects our conviction that we would rather create value over the long term over short term gains (and having to pay taxes on them).  It is ideal for investors who share that view and who do not see a foreseeable need for invested cash over any short term horizon. 

It is a hybrid of the work of Sandalstone Group over the past ten years and is lined up with where we currently are in the cycle.


The Company has over 10 years real estate experience and has paid every investor - debt and equity on time and per expectations.  Call or click here find out more.